A Market Morning

Every Saturday finds us at the Saco Farmers' Market without fail. Lately we've been chatting a lot with Dan Bedard from Seasonal Corner as featured in a previous post where he shared with us a recipe for Kale Chips. Today's visit with Dan brought news that a highfalutin NYC executive chef had gotten a hold of the recipe and went nuts for it. I don't doubt it. Don't sleep! Make yourselves some Kale Chips right now. Aside from kale, Dan had just what we've been anxiously awaiting for the last couple weeks. Garlic scapes were finally there this week! The idea is to hopefully work these into some biscuits so check back soon.

Not that Dan is the only farmer there. We're regulars to the Alewive's Brook Farm and, more and more now, Snell Family Farm's booths at the market. Today we picked up some gorgeous new potatoes and a hearty looking garlic stalk. It's our understanding that these are quite a lot more fibrous than young garlic greens and we're figuring they're prepared more as you would leeks. Do you, our readers, have any suggestions as to what you would like to see done with these ingredients? Toss your recipe requests our way, or share your own in the comments.

Today's haul:

  • garlic scapes, Seasonal Corner
  • swiss chard, Seasonal Corner
  • new potatoes, Snell Family Farm
  • garlic stalk, Snell Family Farm
See you all there next week!


Mihl said...

I'd really like to try garlic scapes one day!

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