Boiled Owls, Vegan Style

One of the most distinguishing differences between Mainahs and those "from-away" becomes evident when we open our mouths. It's not just the accents that give us away, it's the colloquial expressions as well. Both of us here at So.ME.Vegans have been witness to the unique vernacular having grown up here and have mentally filed away endless phrases that sound like complete gibberish anywhere else.

So we were especially intrigued when, on a recent visit to family in Hancock County, we stumbled upon a book published by Maine institution Down East Magazine in 1975. John Gould's MAINE LINGO is a treasure trove of such expressions. The phrases examined are rich in topic and varied in origin. We've got eats on the brain, so we naturally sort of gravitated to the expressions pertaining to food. Periodically we'll offer a phrase that especially tickled us and speaks to where we come from in the way that only true Maine dialect can. We thought this one seasonally quite fitting.

Well, whaddyaknow? It's rhubarb time right now! This also gets us thinking of a TVP version of a mincemeat pie. Stay tuned.

Gould, John. MAINE LINGO: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats. Camden, Maine: Down East Magazine, 1975.


Mihl said...

Omg, I'd love to have a copy of that book! Maybe I can find it in some German library. I am a language neard.

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