Vegan Bloggers and Traveling in Maine

We've made some great friends through Twitter recently. It fun to touch bases with other vegan bloggers who are doing similar work examining their own regions and writing about the unique experience of being vegan in that area. There are a couple of other vegan Maine blogs of note. Mitten Machen has a Bangor and Belfast focus along with being gluten-free, and Portland has Girl Gone Raw hosted by East End artist Elizabeth Fraser. Both are fantastic resources and bring something truly excellent to the table. We're happy to have them.

And that's just in Maine! There are vegan bloggers everywhere. We were excited to hear that there were vegan bloggers from neighboring regions both planning trips to/through Maine at around the same time. We enjoy hearing about others' experiences while visiting our state so we had to go over to the blogs of Cook. Vegan. Lover. and My Face is on Fire to catch up on how their trips went.

Mylène Ouellet has been on our radar for a while. As author of My Face is on Fire she focuses on abolitionist theory and the ethics of the consumer. When she posts, our ears perk up. That's why we were excited to hear she would be coming through Maine, stopping in Searsport, on her way to Pennsylvania. She writes,

Elm Cottage's website described it as being a vegan / vegetarian B & B, so
although I rolled my eyes a little at the mix of vegan and non-vegan
complementary toiletries that had been left for us in the bathroom, I shrugged
it off in anticipation of the plant-based breakfast we'd been promised. When we
saw the spread laid out for us, we were both wide-eyed in amazement. There was
toast, homemade pumpkin muffins, margarine, apricot "butter" and preserves,
green tea and coffee with soy milk, orange juice, granola and fresh
strawberries. Janet also brought out a couple of small casserole dishes, each
filled with a savoury mushroom-and-something stuffed tomato, which although not
exactly breakfast-y, were quite delicious.
The place sounds gorgeous. Mylène mentions beautiful gardens and an abundance of rescued non-human residents about. The visit to the Belfast area was rounded out by a visit to the Belfast Co-op which has a inclusive menu. It sounds as though, despite one understandably off-putting incident involving non-vegan yogurt, Mylène and friend enjoyed their trip through Maine's Mid-coast.

The other blog of note to have visited Maine recently is Cook. Vegan. Lover. The husband and wife behind the blog celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary by visiting Portland. They're report is great fun to read. They jammed so much Southern Maine fun into one weekend that they had to divide their Portland experience into 3 parts! They visited LLBean, Soakology, Portland's Whole Foods, Stonewall Kitchen, Novare Res, Boda, and the Fore River Sanctuary. So much to do in Portland as a vegan! They say of Boda,

Our last yummy dish was Tofu Shrimp with glass noodles: Traditionally
cooked in a rustic earthenware pot with pork belly tempeh bacon, ginger,
celery, scallion, cilantro, and soy sauce. Served with jasmine steamed rice.
This is a silken dish, simple yet very pleasing. It is one of the few occasions
when noodles may be eaten with rice. Available vegetarian with organic tofu,
shiitake and tempeh bacon.

Had to admit, even though were here at So.ME.Vegans are Portland area foodies, Lindsay scooped us on Boda. Their visit included a multitude of hidden gems and it sounds like they had a hell of a time. Thanks for visiting our area and taking advantage of all we have to offer. See their reports, parts 1, 2, and 3 at Cook.Vegan. Lover.


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