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There is no other. If you live in or around Portland you probably already know about Silly's. If you don't, there's something decidedly wrong with you. Stop reading and go to 40 Washington Avenue now. Back yet? No? Ok, we'll wait. Now? Good. What did you have? If you're vegan like us, you should've had no problems finding something to eat on their eclectic menu.

Any place that offers Blue Mango Burgers is all right by us, and we've had them here on more than one occasion. But that's just one of the impressive number of vegan options available. It actually makes it a little hard at times. As vegans in Maine, we're somewhat used to identifying the one or two possibly veganizable items on the menu and having to run with that. Silly's has about 30 strictly vegan items on their menu, easily identified with a (v). The first time my wife and I went in there as vegans I think I stared at the menu for 10 minutes, unable to make up my mind.

That day I finally settled on the Tofu in a Dinghy. That's rice noodles, mushrooms, fried tofu, "cheese", and peanut sauce stuffed in a wrap and fried chimi style. Commence with the "oh face". It's hedonistic certainly, and today was the first time I've ventured to try it again since that day a while back. It's indulgent, junky, and super tasty. With a Geary's HSA alongside, you've got a perfect lunch of big flavors that will fill you up until next Tuesday. Their peanut sauce avoids the ultra-sweet peanut butter flavors I've gotten from some peanut sauces. Well done.

Amanda chose to customize a sandwich, and to delicious effect. I'm always doubtful of her mix and match approach, but she schools me every time. She chose the Vegan Deluxe Abdullah Wrap which, on paper, contains spinach, broccoli, green pepper, roasted red pepper, scallion, mushroom, carrot, Greek olives, and balsamic vinaigrette. Toss out the balsamic vinaigrette and add that famous peanut sauce, add some fried tofu and you've got a delicious sandwich remix. It was the highlight of the meal. She let me have a bite, but only one. The crisp, raw veg were fantastic texturally with the tofu. We both enjoyed their sweet potato fries with spicy vegan dipping sauce as we do every time we go. Try their unsweetened iced tea, served the proper way, in a mason jar.

Thanks to this East End heavy for offering one of the most vegan friendly menus in town, and an atmosphere that keeps us coming back. Later this summer, you'll find us on the patio!

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Anonymous said...

I love Silly's and enjoyed your post. I plan on taking my girl friend asap....and yes, though not vegan, I appreciate the huge number of vegetarian options. And, I was pleasantly surprise when ordering a coffee, to have it delivered to the table in a French press! How cool!

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