We're Amanda and Jereme. We're a married couple and life-long Mainers. We are also vegan. This can be a bit of a challenge living in Southern Maine, but in July of 2009 we decided that all the positive effects of a cruelty-free life would unmistakably make the challenges worth it.

Since then we've both experienced clearer consciences and better health. We've seen financial benefits, and we now life with lesser impact on our environment. Those of you who live in or visit Maine know just how important that last bit is.

What we didn't expect was the expansion of our palates. When eliminating meat, dairy, eggs, and honey from one's diet, surely that's limiting, yes? Just the opposite. The door to a whole new world of flavors, textures, and colors was opened. This is what we wish to share with you.

On So.ME.Vegans we'll examine some of the classic dishes of Maine and how to modernize and veganize our, and your, favorites. We'll tell you about our favorite local vegan products, which you'll see in the sidebar. We also plan to visit the local farmers markets to get the freshest seasonal produce and hopefully offer some you new preparations. Stick with us. We'll treat ya right. Any feedback is appreciated and we look forward to interacting with you all.


Kerry said...

What a great idea! Looking forward to lots of recipes, ideas and pictures :)

I must say that in my view being vegan in the Greater Portland area is not challenging in the least... In fact I think it's quite the opposite... really easy! Not only are there several stores like Whole Foods and Lois (and before that Wild Oats and the Whole Grocer), but even Hannaford Supermarkets sells an abundance of vegan products. As a Londoner moving to Maine a few years ago I didn't expect to find anything NEAR the convenience I experienced when living in London. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the healthiest vegan diet is the one that doesn't depend on all those fake meats and processed vegan products anyway, so for anyone focusing on a vegan diet rich in whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, living vegan is easy just about anywhere! :)

But... we all need to indulge in vegan ice-cream sometimes *grin*


Spelt Right Baking said...

You are inspiring me. I still have not made the vegan leap though all of our products are vegan. We will be sure to post at least a few vegans recipes a week and note them as vegan. Don't read tomorrows, it was created by my son and certainly is far from vegan. We'll get there. Just need to be more creative.

Sarah said...

Hi Guys! I moved out of Kittery in November (the husband is in the army - I'm stuck in NC now but will be back in ME ASAP) and I'm a vegan, so I was excited to find you :)

Tammy said...

Happy to find your blog. I live in Falmouth and have been vegan for two years. I look forward to reading your posts! Thank you.

Mary said...

Hi Amanda and Jereme. I live in the Bangor area and blog about vegan and gluten-free foods. I'm originally from OOB, so it's great to see the local foods movement taking off in my old neck of the woods! Your site looks great, and you have lots of helpful information to share!

Sean Flaim said...

Hello from a fellow Mainer. I'm a Vegan living in Portland and I can't believe I've only now stumbled across your blog. I'm catching up on the posts and like what I'm reading. I'm going to list this blog on the "links list" of my blog. After all, it's all about spreading the word and giving people the information they need to live a cruelty-free life.

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