Thank You Spelt Right!

We're already hearing back from the community on So.ME.Vegans and apparently you guys dig it! We're meeting some great people and learning about some great local products. We've long been fans of Spelt Right Baking Co out of Yarmouth, and now it seems, they're fans of ours! Last week they published a blog post we submitted wherein we used their pizza dough for a pocket sandwich. Their dough, already vegan, is a perfect base on which to build vegan tasties!

We chose to stuff ours with broccolini, red onion, and Daiya cheddar. This miracle "cheese" just became available in the area, even though the vegan community has been buggin' about it since it's introduction in March of '09. That pocket was super tasty, but we weren't done. We also stuffed one with mushrooms, local Lalibela Farm tempeh, and MORE cheddar Daiya. Tasty chow for sure.Thanks again to Beth of Spelt Right for the support and for offering a product that fills the dietary needs of many. Probably most of all though, for being engaged with the community. Thanks for the support!


Heather said...

Where can you buy Daiya in southern Maine? I haven't seen it yet.

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